Director: Ms. Lindsay Irwin

Girls Choir

This course is open to girls in grades 9-12 who are interested in performing a varied repertoire of choral music representing styles from diverse cultures and musical periods.

Choir members will also learn to read rhythmic and melodic notation while developing an appreciation for choral music as an art form and as an aid to worship.  Girls’ choir members perform at school liturgies, fine arts evenings, concerts, and other school and community events.  In addition to the daily class period, one evening rehearsal each week is required, along with occasional additional rehearsals, which are scheduled as necessary.  Prerequisite:  Approval of the instructor. Credit:  1.0.  This is a full-year Fine Arts elective course for Upper Division girls.  This course may be taken multiple times for elective credit.

Liturgy Choir

The Liturgy Choir provides the music for all school liturgies and other special events. The Liturgy Choir offers students the opportunity to develop and use their God-given talents as singers to foster an appreciation of music and share in worship services for all our students. 

Membership in this choir is open to any student in grades 7-12 who is interested in participating.  Space in the group is limited to approximately 100 students.

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