Directory Listing

School Board Members

Cardenas-Hagan, Dr. Elsa
Committees: Academics


Conner, Mellena
Committee: Academy Advancement


Nugent, Brother Donald
Committees: Buildings & Grounds


Recio, Judge Felix SJA Class of 1963
Committees: Academy Advancement


Saenz Martinez, Carla
Committees: Academy Advancement / Executive


Whitko, Annemarie
Committees: Buildings & Grounds


Brechot, Rusty, SJA Class of 1972
Committees: Academy Advancement (Chair), Executive
Occupation: Sr. Vice President / Corp. Sales Manager, Lone Star National Bank


Cardenas, Gina
Committees: School Life
Occupation: Sr. Technical Assistant, University of Houston - Times Department


Huerta, Javier, SJA Class of 1989
Committees: Buildings & Grounds (Chair)
Occupation: Architect, Origo Works


McCumber, Gregg, CPA
Committees: Finance / Executive
Occupation: Managing Partner, Burton McCumber & Cortez, LLP


Tipton, Amy
Committees: Academic (Chair), Executive
Occupation: Educator (retired)


Wolfe, William "Brad", SJA Class of 1983
Committees: Finance / Executive
Occupation: General Manager, Nova/Link, Inc.


Executive Officers

Hernandez, Dr. Emilio O. , SJA Class of 1972
Committees: School Board Chair
Occupation: Owner / Dentist, Emilio O. Hernandez, DDS PC



Motyl, Michael
SJA President


Schady, Brother Thomas
Director of Education, Marist Provincial Office