Mathematics Department Outcomes

  1. As a result of the required course of studies in mathematics, the students will:
  2. Use the four basic operations with all numbers and polynomials.
  3. Solve equations and inequalities for at least two unknowns.
  4. Develop strategies for solving word problems, translate word problems into written equations, and solve them.
  5. Graph solutions to linear equations, quadratic equations, and trigonometric functions.
  6. Apply definitions, postulates, axioms, theorems, and identities to develop geometric and trigonometric proofs.
  7. Apply mathematical formulas and the different properties of geometric figures in problem-solving.
  8. Convert among customary, metric, and angular units of measurement.
  9. Use customary, metric, and angular unites to measure and solve spatial and other problems.
  10. Accurately read, interpret, and analyze graphs.


Stella Filizola, Chair
Honors Algebra II  Dual Enrollment
Pre-Calculus,  Honors Pre-Calculus Dual Enrollment

Anabel Aldrete
Pre-Algebra 8      Algebra 1    Honors Algebra 1

Chris Gloor
Geometry     Honors Geometry    Pre-Calculus

Jerri Hernandez
Geometry, Calculus I 

Rene Lerma
Math 7      Pre-Algebra 7    Honors Pre-Algebra    
Honors Calculus Dual Enrollment     AP Calculus Dual Enrollment

Faviola Sosa
Algebra I      Algebra II       

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