Physical Education

Physical Education Department Outcomes

As a result of the required course of instruction in Physical Education, Fitness, and Health, students will:

  1. Describe the meaning and importance of physical fitness, including an understanding of the ways to maintain an acceptable level of fitness.
  2. Describe the ethical obligations inherent in the recognition of the human body as God’s creation.
  3. Develop a comprehensive personal fitness, safety, and health plan.
  4. Utilize a broad repertoire of sports and exercise activities conducive to physical fitness, recreation, and relaxation.
  5. Function cooperatively and effectively as a member of a team.
  6. Participate in a variety of team and individual sports with at least a minimum of skill.
  7. Gracefully accept skill corrections and officials’ decisions.


Monique Carre, Chair
Physical Education – Girls 7     Physical Education – Girls 8    Health

Leatrice Bradford
Physical Education – Girls Upper Division      Health

Fernando Castenada
Trainer            Health

Teddy Lopez
 Athletic Director

Christian Putegnat
Physical Education - Boys

Gus Zavaletta
Health       Fitness

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