Uniform Regulations

Saint Joseph Academy maintains a code of dress and grooming consistent with its character as a private, Catholic, college-preparatory school. This code contributes to a seriousness of purpose, a constructive learning atmosphere, and the development of sound personal habits and a positive self-image. Violations of any of the policies listed herein will result in disciplinary consequences.

Parents are expected to support this policy by ensuring that their children wear only the approved school uniform provided by Parker School Uniforms.

Students’ failure to comply with dress and grooming regulations will result in disciplinary action. Repeated failure to comply with regulations may result in disciplinary action and/or being sent home. Students are expected to be in proper uniform when they arrive on the campus.



Boys and Girls

Not allowed:

Dress-Down Days

Students are allowed to “dress down” with a red or white shirt or blouse on Spirit Days and other designated days. Many dress-down-days require a small contribution in exchange for the dress-down privilege. On such days, students must purchase and display the official “sticker” (or other token) in order to dress down. Dress-down stickers must be worn prominently on the chest portion of the blouse or shirt. Any student who does not display a dress-down sticker and who is not dressed according to normal dress code is considered in violation of the dress code and may face disciplinary consequences, including disciplinary detention.

Students who choose not to participate are to be dressed according to normal dress code.

While other regulations may apply on specific dress-down days, students must dress in good taste at all times. Acceptability of dress on dress down days will be determined by the administration.

The following are prohibited:

Students in violation of dress down day regulations will be asked to change and/or given disciplinary consequences. Students who refuse to comply will be suspended from classes and/or sent home.