Administrative Staff

Leatrice Bradford
Registrar, Bowling Club, Marist Youth & Model UN Moderator
Tony Chavez '80
Maintenance Foreman
Felipa Gamez
Executive Asst. to the President, Admin-Room 101A
Christie Gonzalez
Director of Academy Relations, Admin. Room 104
Celeste Solis '91
Director of Admissions, Admin. Room 118

Administrative Support Staff

Yolanda Cruz
Executive Asst./Advancement Dept. UD Admin- Room 102A
Linda De Los Santos
Assistant to the Principal, Admin- Room 117
Sarah De Luna
Attendance Clerk, Admin- Room 112
Mario Gonzalez
Computer / Technology Tech, Valley IT Solutions
Brother Paul Phillipp '40
Mail Coordinator
Celia Torres
Administrative Assistant at the Middle Division
Raul Trevino
Security & Transportation Coordinator


Jesus Abrego
Teacher: Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry - UD Room 11. Chemistry Club Moderator
Leslie Abrego
Teacher: Religion 7, Religion 8, Speech - MD Room 120
Patrick Alvarez
Teacher: Social Justice, Religion 9 - RM 106
David Bonnet
Teacher: Geometry, Religion 9, Engineering, Engineering 2, Applied Engineering - UD Room 24, Room 117. NJHS Moderator
Tony Cantu '75
Director of Campus Ministry UD Room 158 - Call to Ministry, Campus Ministry, Middle Division Drama, Missions Moderator
Monique Carre '87
Physical Education Dept. Chair, Teacher: PE-7 & 8 MD-Gym, Health & Fitness - MD Room 250
Fernando Castaneda
Athletic Coach
Olga Cisneros
Counselor 11th & 12th Grades - UD Room 134
Letty Davila
Teacher: US History 8, American Government, Texas History - MD Room 200
Enis Daniela Espinosa '00
Teacher: Honors Biology, Biology,Environmental Systems 8, Honors Environmental Systems 8 - MD Room 130; Sweethearts Moderator
Dr. Stella Filizola
Math Dept Chair, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II (Dual Enrollment), Honors Pre-Calculus (Dual Enrollment) - UD Room 129. PSAT & SAT Prep, Dual Enrollment, Academic Coach, National Honor Society Moderator
Manuel Gamez
Modern Languages Dept Chair, Advanced Spanish, AP Spanish Language - UD Room 104. Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica Moderator, Montagne Scholars Moderator
Alonso Garza
Teacher: 2D Design, 3D Design, Art 8, Art 7 - Room M150
Brother Francis Garza '58
Teacher: World Religion, Christian Identity - MD Room 110
Chris Gloor
Teacher: Honors Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Algebra I - UD Room 112
Patricia T. Gonzalez
Teacher: Language Arts 8, Honors Language Arts 8, Speech 8, Speech, Honors English 9, English 9 - MD Room 220
Jeff Gowen
Teacher: Economics, AP Micro Economics, AP U.S. History, AP Human Geography, AP U.S. Government - UD Room 113 - Stock Market Club Moderator
Edith Guerra
Teacher: AP Spanish Literature, Honors Spanish, Intermediate Spanish - Room 105
Kevin Hickson
Social Studies Dept. Chair - American Culture, Modern History, World History, Honors World History, American Government - Rm. UD 21
Lindsay Irwin
Director of Counseling: 9th and 10th Grade Counselor - UD Room 107 , Girls Choir - UD Room 158
Kathryn Lieder
Teacher: English 10, Honors English 9
Teddy Lopez '87
Teacher: PE Boys 7&8, Health - MD Gym
Mary Beth Martin
Religion Dept. Chair: Religion 8, Religion 10 - UD Room 103
Andy Miller
Teacher: Physics, AP Physics, Honors Physics - UD Room 116, Astronomy Club Moderator
Suzi Mohr
English Dept. Chair: Language Arts 7, Reading 7,Honors Language Arts 7, English 9, MD-Room 240. Bowling Club Moderator
Karen Murphy
Teacher: English 12, English 9, AP English Literature - Room 22. Academic Coach
Roberta Pacheco
Teacher: Technology Across the Curriculum Coordinator, Computer Science, Digital Media - Room 125, Hound Collar & Project RED Moderator
Ruth Poole
Writing Across the Curriculum Chair, AP English Language, English 11, Advanced Creative Writing, AP English D - Room 23
Pamela Quantz
UD Librarian, UD-139, Book Club Moderator, Technology Club Moderator, Library Aide Internship Course
Ana Rookstool
Fine Arts Department Chair, 2D Design, 3D Design, Portfolio, AP Studio - MD Room 150.
Rey Rosas
Yearbook, Computer Literacy, Business Mgmt., Business Law, Accounting, Study Hall, Speech MD-160 Business Club & Yearbook Moderator
Ida Saenz
Learning Center Director
Lacey Silvestri
Teacher: U.S. History 11, AP U.S. History, World Geography - Room 108
Faviola Sosa
Teacher: Algebra 1, Pre Algebra 7, Honors Pre Algebra, Honors Algebra 1 - UD Room 114.
Zachary Stutts
Teacher: Performing Arts
Gracie Touchy '79
Science Department Chair - Honors Biology, Physical Science 7, Anatomy & Physiology, Academic Competition Moderator - MD Room 140
Brother Michael Williams
Teacher: Religion Dept. Christian Service Outreach Coordinator - Chapel.
Vilma Wolfe
Counselor 7th & 8th Grades, College Counselor, and PPLT Moderator

Finance Office

Lupita Montoya
Business Manager, Admin- Room 107
Lupita Schlater
Finance Office Associate, Admin-109

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