Administrative Staff

Leatrice Bradford
Registrar, Bowling Club, Marist Youth & Model UN Moderator
Tony Chavez
Maintenance Foreman
Felipa Gamez
Executive Asst. to the President, Admin-Room 101A
Christie Gonzalez
Director of Academy Relations, Admin. Room 104
Steven Najera
Dean of Students, M100D
Celeste Solis
Director of Admissions, Admin. Room 118

Administrative Support Staff

Yolanda Cruz
Executive Asst./Advancement Dept. UD Admin- Room 102A
Linda De Los Santos
Assistant to the Principal, Admin- Room 117
Sarah De Luna
Attendance Clerk, Admin- Room 112
Mario Gonzalez
Computer / Technology Tech, Valley IT Solutions
Brother Paul Phillipp
Mail Coordinator
Celia Torres
Administrative Assistant at the Middle Division
Raul Trevino
Security & Transportation Coordinator


Jesus Abrego
Teacher: Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry - UD Room 11. Chemistry Club Moderator
Leslie Abrego
Teacher: Religion 7, Religion 8, Speech - MD Room 120
Patrick Alvarez
Teacher: Social Justice, Religion 9 - RM 106
David Bonnet
Teacher: Geometry, Religion 9, Engineering, Engineering 2, Applied Engineering - UD Room 24, Room 117. NJHS Moderator
Tony Cantu
Director of Campus Ministry UD Room 158 - Call to Ministry, Campus Ministry, Middle Division Drama, Missions Moderator
Monique Carre
Physical Education Dept. Chair, Teacher: PE-7 & 8 MD-Gym, Health & Fitness - MD Room 250
Fernando Castaneda
Athletic Coach
Olga Cisneros
Counselor 11th & 12th Grades - UD Room 134
Letty Davila
Teacher: US History 8, American Government, Texas History - MD Room 200
Enis Daniela Espinosa
Teacher: Honors Biology, Biology,Environmental Systems 8, Honors Environmental Systems 8 - MD Room 130; Sweethearts Moderator
Dr. Stella Filizola
Math Dept Chair, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II (Dual Enrollment), Honors Pre-Calculus (Dual Enrollment) - UD Room 129. PSAT & SAT Prep, Dual Enrollment, Academic Coach, National Honor Society Moderator
Manuel Gamez
Modern Languages Dept Chair, Advanced Spanish, AP Spanish Language - UD Room 104. Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica Moderator, Montagne Scholars Moderator
Alonso Garza
Teacher: 2D Design, 3D Design, Art 8, Art 7 - Room M150
Brother Francis Garza
Teacher: World Religion, Christian Identity - MD Room 110
Chris Gloor
Teacher: Honors Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Algebra I - UD Room 112
Patricia T. Gonzalez
Teacher: Language Arts 8, Honors Language Arts 8, Speech 8, Speech, Honors English 9, English 9 - MD Room 220
Jeff Gowen
Teacher: Economics, AP Micro Economics, AP U.S. History, AP Human Geography, AP U.S. Government - UD Room 113 - Stock Market Club Moderator
Edith Guerra
Teacher: AP Spanish Literature, Honors Spanish, Intermediate Spanish - Room 105
Kevin Hickson
Social Studies Dept. Chair - American Culture, Modern History, World History, Honors World History, American Government - Rm. UD 21
Lindsay Irwin
Director of Counseling: 9th and 10th Grade Counselor - UD Room 107 , Girls Choir - UD Room 158
Kathryn Lieder
Teacher: English 10, Honors English 9
Teddy Lopez
Teacher: PE Boys 7&8, Health - MD Gym
Mary Beth Martin
Religion Dept. Chair: Religion 8, Religion 10 - UD Room 103
Andy Miller
Teacher: Physics, AP Physics, Honors Physics - UD Room 116, Astronomy Club Moderator
Suzi Mohr
English Dept. Chair: Language Arts 7, Reading 7,Honors Language Arts 7, English 9, MD-Room 240. Bowling Club Moderator
Karen Murphy
Teacher: English 12, English 9, AP English Literature - Room 22. Academic Coach
Roberta Pacheco
Teacher: Technology Across the Curriculum Coordinator, Computer Science, Digital Media - Room 125, Hound Collar & Project RED Moderator
Ruth Poole
Writing Across the Curriculum Chair, AP English Language, English 11, Advanced Creative Writing, AP English D - Room 23
Pamela Quantz
UD Librarian, UD-139, Book Club Moderator, Technology Club Moderator, Library Aide Internship Course
Ana Rookstool
Fine Arts Department Chair, 2D Design, 3D Design, Portfolio, AP Studio - MD Room 150.
Rey Rosas
Yearbook, Computer Literacy, Business Mgmt., Business Law, Accounting, Study Hall, Speech MD-160 Business Club & Yearbook Moderator
Ida Saenz
Learning Center Director
Lillian Seguin
Teacher: AP Calculus, Calculus I, Honors Geometry, Geometry - Room 128
Lacey Silvestri
Teacher: U.S. History 11, AP U.S. History, World Geography - Room 108
Faviola Sosa
Teacher: Algebra 1, Pre Algebra 7, Honors Pre Algebra, Honors Algebra 1 - UD Room 114.
Zachary Stutts
Teacher: Performing Arts
Gracie Touchy
Science Department Chair - Honors Biology, Physical Science 7, Anatomy & Physiology, Academic Competition Moderator - MD Room 140
Brother Michael Williams
Teacher: Religion Dept. Christian Service Outreach Coordinator - Chapel.
Vilma Wolfe
Counselor 7th & 8th Grades, College Counselor, and PPLT Moderator

Finance Office

Lupita Montoya
Business Manager, Admin- Room 107
Lupita Schlater
Finance Office Associate, Admin-109

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