Back from The University of Notre Dame

Last week, we got a special treat from some former students who now attend school at The University of Notre Dame. 

While here Former Bloodhound Ambassador President and Alumnus Rey Guillen ’23 lent a hand in helping his fellow Bloodhound Ambassadors train on giving tours. When he was a student he regularly gave campus tours to visitors who stopped by and once a bloodhound, always a bloodhound.


Currently, Rey is a student at The Old College Undergraduate Seminary. Old College is the undergraduate seminary for the United States Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross. It is open to any undergraduate man who is focused on discerning a call to the religious life, while at the same time working to obtain an undergraduate degree. For these men, Old College serves as both a house of residence and a way of life. The community combines a structured formation program with the advantages of a Notre Dame or Holy Cross College educational experience. Please help us pray for this young man on his journey to serve God.

Our former Valedictorian Andrea Jasso ’23 (left) and Gabriela Ortiz ’23 (right) stopped by for a visit on their short break from the school. Both are adjusting to their new homes and are looking forward to the years ahead at The University of Notre Dame. They say it has been an interesting adjustment with the changing weather in Indiana and no quality Mexican food to speak of. However, they both agree that they made the best choice when it comes to choosing a University. Gabriela is majoring in Strategic Management with a minor in Real Estate while Andrea is majoring in Biology with future aspirations of being a Pediatrician. Both see each other on campus but say they keep very busy with their studies. We couldn’t be happier for them. We are so proud of these young women.

Once a bloodhound, always a bloodhound!