Saint Joseph Academy Receives 3 Major Grants for Tuition Assistance

Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) is thrilled to announce it has received three grants, from both the public and private sector, totaling $145,000 towards its Tuition-Assistance Program for the 2022-2023 school year. The Kenedy Memorial Foundation ($55,000), Scanlan Foundation ($30,000), and Texas Mutual ($60,000) have all chosen to invest in SJA, its students, and its mission.

Based out of Houston and Corpus Christi, respectively, both the Scanlan Foundation and Kenedy Memorial Foundation are private foundations that have been partnering with SJA for over 20 years, providing critical funding for a variety of the school’s capital improvement and tuition-assistance needs. 

Both foundations have a long-standing history of sustaining and strengthening Catholic schools. Their commitment to SJA continues this upcoming year in the form of tuition-assistance grants. This is the first time SJA has received funding from Texas Mutual and is one of 48 statewide nonprofits chosen as grant partners through the Texas Mutual Generational Learning Grant cycle focused on supporting working families in Texas.

“These gifts are true investments in our students and our mission. It is a validation of the great work being done by our teachers in the classrooms and a testament to our students’ accomplishments during their time with us,” said Michael Motyl, President of SJA. “We know that benefitting from a Marist, Catholic education at SJA requires an investment from our families and our Tuition-Assistance Program is vital to our efforts to ensure SJA remains affordable and accessible to those in our community," continued Motyl.

Saint Joseph Academy routinely awards more than $500,000 each year to qualifying families through its Tuition-Assistance Program and more than 25% of SJA families receive some level of assistance. The Tuition-Assistance Program is funded and through SJA’s Endowment Fund, donations from individuals, and grants like the ones mentioned above. Tuition-Assistance is open to any student who earns admission to SJA, meets the necessary qualifications, and submits a Tuition-Assistance application before the deadline. 

To learn more about SJA’s Tuition-Assistance Program, visit the admissions page at The application for next year’s 2023-2024 Tuition-Assistance Program opens on November 1, 2022 and closes February 28, 2023.