Student Spotlight: Jorge Kauachi '22


Jorge Kauachi ‘22 is a great leader and very self-motivated, he is a student at Saint Joseph Academy. Jorge has always been described as a very nice, humble, and loving person. He credits his teachers and friends for shaping him to be the person he is today, but he says the most credit goes to his mother and Saint Joseph Academy. When choosing to attend Saint Joseph Academy, there were many different factors that came into play. “Other than all my cousins and siblings coming here, I wanted to receive the best education while building a strong and loving relationship with God,” he said.

As a regular on the honors list, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. “My mother is my biggest role model. She is also my inspiration because of how hardworking and determined she is in her life. She always wants the best for me and she taught me skills like being determined and hardworking,” he said. Jorge will be graduating later this spring and hopes to attend The University of Texas at Austin. He plans to attend the McCombs School of Business where he hopes to gain very valuable experience in his future field.

-Student Spotlight by Digital Media Intern, Luigi Cristiano ‘22