Student Spotlight: Halima Dervisevic

Halima Dervisevic ‘21

           Senior, Halima Dervisevic, has earned nearly half a million dollars in academic scholarships from 5 Universities across the state of Texas. Currently, Halima has earned the following scholarships: Dean’s Scholarship from Texas Christian University (TCU), Provost Scholar and Discovery Scholarship from Southern Methodist University (SMU), the Presidential Scholarship from Austin College, and an Academic Scholarship from Baylor University. “I’ve worked passionately throughout high school and have grown to appreciate my education.” says Halima.

            Halima applied to 8 universities and has been accepted to 6 so far. She has been admitted into the Honors Program at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Texas Christian University (TCU), Texas A&M University, Austin College, the Honors Program at Baylor University and The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley. She is waiting to hear from The University of Texas at Austin and her most anticipated acceptance and dream school, Rice University. “My dream school is Rice University for many reasons including the school’s atmosphere which is based strongly on academic and personal growth,” Halima says. 

            Halima has chosen to study biochemistry in preparation for medical school. “I was inspired by a multitude of things, including the many conversations I had with a neurosurgeon while watching baseball games when I was young,” says Halima. “I’ve always wanted to study medicine and I’ve chosen biochemistry because I believe it will best prepare me for both a career in medicine and medical research.” 

            “As a first-generation college student, the Saint Joseph Academy counseling staff were instrumental in the college application process. During my six years at St. Joe, I’ve become a disciplined and attentive student because of the challenging classes I’ve taken, which have helped me build great study habits,” says Halima. "I thank God for all of the people He put into my life to help me grow as a student and individual. My parents, teachers, and my counselor, Ms. Irvin, have all been a great help and inspiration to me throughout my time at St. Joe and I’m sincerely thankful for them."

            Saint Joseph Academy offers over 30 clubs and activities for students to participate in. Halima has been a member in 10 of those clubs throughout her 6-year journey at St. Joe.  All the clubs that are offered at St. Joe focus on one primary key factor which is the act of service and giving. To Halima, the most impactful club during her time at SJA thus far has been the Marist Youth Group. “The Marist Youth Group impacted me the most because it inspired me to create the SJA Scripture Club. It also inspired me with my service project which was a partnership with Team Brownsville and SJA Spanish teacher, Mr. Gamez, to purchase and donate school supplies to students at the US/Mexico border facilities,” said Halima. “I was taught about Philanthropy and being charitable through the various clubs and organizations that I was a part of.  I learned the true meaning of empathy, disciple and compassion because of the groups I was involved in.” In addition to Halima’s service project, she also participated in the SJA’s Snack Pack drive and coat drive that benefited the underserved youth of Brownsville. “Being a part of these clubs throughout high school allowed me to deepen my passion, strengthen my faith and connect with my community. This is a trait that I can take with me to college and apply it to my career as a Doctor one day.” 

            “Halima is wise beyond her years, extremely courteous and very mature. She’s a natural born leader. She’ll go far and I can’t wait to see what she will accomplish,” Bloodhound Ambassador Club Moderator, Christie Gonzalez.