It begins with the basics - grammar, vocabulary, research skills - and ends with an appreciation of great literary works.

Students at Saint Joseph Academy are taught to comprehensively study and understand the English language. This means helping students develop strong reading and writing skills. As students move up, faculty members will continue to build on past fundamentals while building them up toward gaining confidence with their vocabulary and speech. 

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As a result of direct instruction and guided practice, our students will be able to comprehend literature ranging from short stories, novels, works of non-fiction, and poetry. Our students will become reflective, critical thinkers of the written word.

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Middle Division English Courses

Language Arts 7 and Honors

Language Arts 8 and Honors

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High School English Courses

English 9

Honors English 9

English 10

Honors English 10

English 11

English 11 Dual Enrollment

English 12

English 12 Dual Enrollment


*English Elective Courses*

Advanced Creative Writing

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