Nothing is more valuable than science these days. Love science and you'll change the world.

Science is for the curious at heart. Think about it. Where would we be if two cavemen hadn't rubbed two sticks together and discovered fire? Curiosity leads to discovery, knowledge, and innovation. We're here to stimulate that curiosity. 

As a scientific explorer, you'll learn what chemical reactions cause explosions in Chemistry, fix things in Engineering, cut things open in Anatomy, and dive deeper into the Big Bang Theory in Astronomy. The knowledge acquired here can lead to a very different world than what you know now. Think that science isn't for you? We'll show you how to apply it to everyday life - from your kitchen to your backyard. After all, science is just a methodical way of thinking. 

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Middle Division Science and Engineering Courses

Physical Science 7

Environmental Systems 8

Honors Environmental Systems 8

Physical Science 7

Applied Engineering

Computer Literacy 


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High School Science Courses


Honors Biology


Honors Chemistry


Honors Physics

Honors Anatomy & Physiology

Advanced Placement Physics I

Advanced Placement Chemistry

Engineering I

Engineering II

Honors Astronomy

Computer Science I

Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles

Photograph of Enis Daniela Espinosa '00
Enis Daniela Espinosa '00
Science Department Chair, Teacher: Environmental Systems, Anatomy 1,2