What is Social Studies?

Social studies can also be referred to as social sciences. It’s a field which deals with human behavior, relationships, resources, and institutions.

Specific topics within social studies that are studied in school coursework include geography, anthropology, economicshistorysociologypolitical science, and civics.

The main goal of teaching social studies is to teach students to become good citizens. We are living in a diverse society — one that requires knowledge of social studies to succeed. With a social studies background, children become adults that can participate civilly in our democratic society. 

Social studies connect students with the real world. In today’s interconnected world, students must be prepared to interact with people of all cultures and communities, and social studies prepares them for this.

All students who go through the school curriculum become something when they graduate. And no matter what that something is, they will need to interact with others from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Students must study how society works, and how people work in a society in order for it all to work once they enter society after graduation.

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Middle Division Social Studies Courses

7th Grade -Texas History 

8th Grade - U.S. History - Through 1877

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High School Social Studies Courses

World Geography

Advanced Placement Human Geography

World History

Advanced Placement World History

US History – Since 1877

US History – Dual Enrollment

US Government


Principles of Macroeconomics – Dual Enrollment

American Cultures

Modern History – 1946 – to the Present

Advanced Placement Psychology

U.S. Government – Dual Enrollment

Photograph of Kevin Hickson
Kevin Hickson
Social Studies Department Chair , Teacher: American Culture, Modern History, World History, Honors World History, American Government