This is Innovation

At Saint Joseph Academy, our faculty are committed to preparing you to use your mind in intelligent yet out-of-the-box ways. Our goal is to help you create and actively engage in the areas of math, science, and engineering. Your youth comes with a natural sense of curiosity. We want to take that curiosity and encourage you to ask questions, discover, and take intelligent risks.

Classes in this department will help you build strong problem-solving skills through our strategic delivery of educational programs. Your teachers will work together to ensure that all learning activities incorporate technology, engineering, and design thinking. Your ideas will come to life with hands-on projects such as creating circuits, designing and building robots, and so much more. 

At Saint Joseph Academy - you will engage, be empowered, and feel inspired. This lays the foundation for the success you will need as we prepare you for high school. These skills will also help you outside of the classroom. We will prepare you to make a difference in your community and eventually - the world. 

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Middle Division Math, Science, and Engineering Courses

Pre-Algebra 7

Pre-Algebra 8

Honors Pre-Algebra

Algebra I 8

Honors Algebra I 8

Physical Science 7

Environmental Systems 8

Honors Environmental Systems 8

Physical Science 7

Applied Engineering

Photograph of David Bonnet
David Bonnet
Teacher: Religion 9, Engineering 1, Engineering 2, Applied Engineering - Room 116. NJHS Moderator
Photograph of Enis Daniela Espinosa '00
Enis Daniela Espinosa '00
Science Department Chair
Photograph of Faviola Sosa
Faviola Sosa
Teacher: Algebra 1, Pre Algebra 7, Honors Pre Algebra, Honors Algebra 1 - UD Room 114.