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Saint Joseph Academy Alumni Association Purpose
  • Keep alumni informed of the activities & programs of SJA
  • Promote a strong sense of community among those who have graduated from SJA
  • Provide scholarships for students of alumni that wish to attend SJA
  • Further increase the relationship between the alumni and the current student community
  • Provide the members with social and professional opportunities
  • Promote and support the interests of SJA
  • To contribute to the ongoing spiritual growth of the alumni


My fellow Bloodhounds,

I am reaching out to you to tell you about the newly formed SJA Alumni Association.  This association is something that many SJA graduates have talked about for years, but for one reason or another, it never came to fruition.   It’s here, it has finally been formed and I am excited as president of the association, to invite you to join your fellow Bloodhounds in this new endeavor.

Our purpose is to keep Bloodhound Nation informed of what activities and programs are going on at the academy.   Creating a strong sense of community among the graduates by providing social and professional networking opportunities.  Most importantly providing ongoing spiritual growth through retreats and other activities.

I encourage you to join your school’s alumni association, the Board of Directors and I have worked hard to put together a program you will be proud of.  There are annual and lifetime memberships available and introductory rates for recent grads.  If you have been involved in the school after graduation - great! Let’s make it official. If not, it’s time to reconnect.  Remember: 

“Once a Bloodhound, Always a Bloodhound”

Rick Ortiz '84
President of the SJA Alumni Association

SJA Alumni up to 5 Years Past Graduation - $10

Annual Membership - $35

Annual Membership Alumni Couples* $50 

Lifetime Membership - $500

Lifetime Membership Alumni Couples* - $750

*Both SJA graduates



Some benefits in becoming a member are:

  • 10% discount at the SJA Bookstore
  • Free admittance to the SJA Homecoming football game
  • 1/2 price admission to our Annual SJA Community Prayer Breakfast
  •  Invitation and admittance to exclusive Alumni Association events
  • Special incentives at alumni events
  • SJA sticker

Lifetime members receive all the above plus:

  • Free admittance to the SJA Homecoming Tailgate (Starting in 2023)
  • SJA Alumni Association license plate frame


Executive Board

Rick Ortiz '84 President

Kathleen Estrada '88 Vice President

Alisha Hernandez '08 Secretary

Tara Putegnat '96 Treasurer

Class Decade Representatives

Neto Roser '69 1960 Representative

Bobby Stevenson '81 1980 Representative

Melinda Ottolino '87 1980 Representative

Sasha De La Garza '96 1990 Representative

Louie Tijerina Jr. ’08 2000 Representative

Vianney Gracia ‘11 2000 Representative

Steven Parra Ayala ‘14 2010 Representative

Cassey Barrera ‘16 2010 Representative

Do you want to get involved? Call the Office of Academy Advancement and Alumni Affairs at 956-542-3581 ext. 302