The Volleyball program at St Joseph Academy was started in the fall of 2015 at the Middle Division level. It was a small step in a great direction. Soon after, the Upper Division also had a volleyball team and with that more upperclassmen girls were interested in joining.

In 2015, the teams had a total of nine 8th graders and ten 7th graders.  The 7th-grade team were undefeated champions in 2015 AND again 2016. The 8th graders finished the season at 5-8.

In 2016 High School volleyball took off and had a great showing with the JV team playing JV and varsity teams. That year they finished 8-5 over-all. The following season, 2017 was the team's first VARSITY season. The team, which comprised of 6 players, finished the season at 10 Wins and 5 losses. 

In 2018 the teams were finally in TAPPS District, and the team did an excellent job in the first TAPPS varsity season. They finished the season 5-3 and as the District Runner-up; which gave them the chance to advance to the Play-Offs! This year, the teams hope to return to play-offs. 

Currently, the program has twenty-four 7th and 8th graders and 23 high school girls on JV and Varsity.

8th Grade Volleyball Team

8th grade volleyball team

7th Grade Volleyball Team

7th grade volleyball team

8th Grade Coaches: Kassy Garcia and Karla Garcia

7th Grade Coach: Julissa Molina

"Volleyball was a great learning experience. It has taught me to be responsible and to work hard in order to succeed. It's also a great way to interact with other players and meet new friends."

-Elizabeth Fletes

Middle Division tryouts take place the first Monday of the academic year.