Members of the Student Youth Group learn to become active members of the school community, develop leadership skills and learn how to address issues without getting angry and support their opinions taking non-argumentative positions. Students learn how logic and argumentation can work in rational and logical ways to become productive members of the community and work for positive change.
Helping students become young adults - providing them with the basic skills they need to both further their post-secondary education and assume leadership in business and in the community.
Become positive role models for the rest of the students at St. Joseph’s Academy to emulate. Developing skills to address issues in a calm, supportive manner will inspire other students to handle volatile situations in a similar, calm manner. Civic Youth members will exemplify good behavior and will learn how to correctly take a stance about something near and dear to their hearts and support their own opinions in a respectful, calm manner.
To provide our students with analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and good listening skills—skills which will be vital to them in their college pursuits.
Students will be able to create a sense of community and of civic responsibility as well as an acknowledgment of their own responsibility to the team members.