The purpose of Green Team is to promote environmentalism in our school and expand the cause to communities outside of school. In Green Team you will be performing a number of activities such as educating the student body, collecting recycling material, learning about the Earth through interactive activities, and hosting activities for promoting sustainability. Being a Green Team member is a privilege, not only for the learning opportunities but for opportunities that may give you service hours exclusive to Green Team.


Board meetings will usually take place in the art room during lunch or after school. Team Member meetings will usually be scheduled in the library after school.

How to enter:

There is an application process to join Green Team at the beginning of each year and there may also be opportunities to apply throughout the year.

Board Members 2022-2023:

President - Julio Silguero

Co-President - Alondra Garcia

Team Coordinator - Andrea Jasso

Project Coordinator - Francesca Reyes

Communications Coordinator - Juan Cardenas


Photograph of Alonzo Garza
Alonzo Garza
Teacher: 2D Design, 3D Design, Art 8, Art 7