“PPLT has taught me that life is not about what you have, but what you can give to others."

 - Gabriela Ortiz, Freshman

The Positive Peer Leadership Team (PPLT) is a group of students from 8th through 12th who are selected by their teachers based on character, grades, and talent. PPLT members must be responsible students, uphold high moral standards, and be willing to speak or perform in front of an audience. Each year, five seventh graders are selected to join the team in the spring and other grade-level students are nominated when there is a vacancy. PPLT currently consists of a total of twenty-five students. 

"I have learned that helping others can be fulfilling and fun.”

-Natalia Montemayor (Sophomore)

PPLT is involved in a number of activities both on campus and in the community. The team is responsible for the organization of the Red Ribbon Week activities at Saint Joseph Academy.  Team members perform skits and visit classrooms to lead discussions on issues related to substance abuse. Throughout the week, members make intercom announcements on important facts of substance abuse. In addition, the team organizes a Red Ribbon Rally at some of the elementary feeder schools to raise awareness and help promote drug prevention among the youth.

“PPLT inspires me to be a better person through community service. It also makes doing hard work more fun.“

-Elise Esparza (Sophomore)

Throughout the year, PPLT members help when needed in different types of service projects or hospitality in our school. Outside of school, PPLT members perform community service each month at Alta Vista Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, a local nursing home.  PPLT members socialize with residents and engage in fun games of "Loteria."
PPLT members along with the TX Say What! Bloodhounds and other youth from across the state unite to raise awareness on the dangerous effects of tobacco usage.  

“PPLT was the first club I joined as an SJA student. I was exposed to the kindness and compassion of my fellow students, and it motivated me to be involved in my school and be more involved in service.” ”

-Carolina Vela (Junior)


Photograph of Vilma Wolfe
Vilma Wolfe
Counselor 7th & 8th Grades, College Counselor, PPLT Moderator, Say What Bloodhounds Moderator

“By being in PPLT I have learned that having fun can also include community service.”

-Luigi Cristiano (Freshman)