STUCO is where students from each grade run to represent their grade and speak up for the activities or new ideas they have or would like to integrate to the schools program. The student council board is also formed by a President, Vice president, a secretary,and a  treasurer. Every year these positions get re-elected as the own students decide who they want to lead them as the student body taking on responsibilities and important decisions. Mrs.Guerra has done an outstanding job by leading these kids and training them how to become better role models for the school. As the year goes on the Student Council organizes activities such as the pep-rallies, the red & white classic, Homecoming, Prom, and many more.


Their job is to fulfil their spot as a representative of all their grades and the student body, which they do with dedication and hard work every year.


Photograph of Edith Guerra
Edith Guerra
Teacher: AP Spanish Literature, Intermediate Spanish, Beginner Spanish, College Readiness, Student Council Moderator - Room 105