The Student Council, or StuCo, is the primary student organization, which aims to develop a positive school culture of the student body, for all students, by the students themselves. This is accomplished through student body elections, where students from each grade run for various positions and roles to represent their classmates. If elected, the students are expected to advocate for their peers and work hard to successfully integrate their ideas into school events and programs.

StuCo is organized with an Executive Board of upperclassmen, composed of the following positions:

  • Executive President

  • Executive Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

Students of every grade can also run for Class Officer position

  • Class President

  • Class Vice President

  • Additional Class Senator Positions


From there, StuCo uses a Committee system so the many elected officers can apply their individual gifts and talents to work on a team with specific goals and assignments. For example, for the Fall Semester, there are the following Committees:

  • Homecoming Committee, with Co-Chairs Pablo Solis and Mauricio Ibarra;

  • Pep Rally Committee, with Co-Chairs Susy Filizola and Vianka Villafranca;

  • Student Section T-Shirt Committee with Co-Chairs Regina Tovar and Alex Villanueva;

  • Fundraising Committee with Co-Chairs Vianka Villafranca, Camila Garza, and Lucas Cristiano

  • Social Media Committee with Co-Chairs Katie Najera and Alondra Garcia; and

  •  Spirit Week Committee with Co-Chairs Alex Villanueva, Lucas Cristiano, and Mauricio  Ibarra.

As the school year progresses, other Committees will be formed to reflect upcoming events and new initiatives. All StuCo programs aim to fulfill the Mission Statement:

The mission of the Student Council is to serve the student body, the school, and the greater SJA community. In order to accomplish this, the Student Council is to make beneficial decisions on behalf of the student body and SJA community; to give back to the community, school, and students; and to provide a link between them. Finally, all members of the Student Council are to advocate the vision and concerns of the student body to school administration, while growing as leaders and acting as role models for their peers.



Photograph of Joseph LoGiudice
Joseph LoGiudice
Teacher: 8th & 12th Grade Religion