SJA Weight Room Gains Improvement

Photo Credit: Emiliano Loya

The Bloodhounds Athletic Department has received major upgrades in the past three years thanks to the Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) Booster club. It has received a new scoreboard, field goals, and locker room, and this year the weight room has been remodeled. The remodeling of the weight room was funded by the SJA Booster Club, and cost $12,500. The weight room consists of new equipment including bench press, dumbbells, free weights, box jumps, medicine balls and kettlebells. Athletic Director Tino Villarreal said, “We wanted to maximize the workouts for all sports, we saw that space was not being used well, and the gear was out of date.”

Plans for this major project started at the beginning of the year and the remodeling started shortly after. Once started, it only took two weeks to completely transform the weight room. Freshman Blake Fowkes said, “The weight room’s new equipment really does enhance the team’s abilities as it gives us a chance to start a powerlifting team. It is also special on how we are the first generation to use it.”  The Bloodhounds won their first district championship in 37 years and is now able to compete in powerlifting. So far, the new weight room has proven to be effective, and hopefully for many more generations to come.