"We aim at something better: we want to educate them, to instruct them in their duty, to teach them to practice it, to give them a Christian spirit and attitudes and to form them to religious habits and the virtues possessed by a good Christian and a good citizen."

-St. Marcellin Champagnat

Nestled on the banks of a Resaca off historical Palm Boulevard in Brownsville, Texas, Saint Joseph Academy sits hidden behind a wrought iron gate that opens to a campus interlaced with buildings both timeworn and modernized. Established in the community for over 150 years, Saint Joseph Academy is a college preparatory school and is unique to the lower Rio Grande Valley’s educational landscape.

Our learning environment sets us apart as we strive to form students as critical thinkers with humanitarian hearts. 

In a time where educational choices are abundant, we remain steadfast in the knowledge that our educators are committed to educating beyond the classroom - stimulating the mind, body, and soul. Daily, students learn to embody the Marist charism that sets us apart while adhering to the academic rigor that propels them to become the world thinkers that lead communities to greatness. 

We encourage you to visit our pages, learn more about the Saint Joseph Academy experience and see for yourself what sets us apart from the rest. Go Bloodhounds!


There are five distinctive pillars that define the educational style and philosophy of Marist Schools:

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- Love children and a closeness to them.

- “To educate children first you must love them, and love them equally” -was Champagnat’s golden rule.

- Relationships in the school that are reminiscent of how members of a good and loving family would relate to each other, especially with teachers dealing with students as big brothers and sisters to little brothers and sisters.

- Warm, down-to-earth, unpretentious relationships; A strong sense of community and hospitality

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- An enthusiasm for the work and mission of the school.

- Generosity of heart and without any attention-seeking.

- The honoring of all work and those who undertake it.

- High expectations of student achievement.

- Attentive to effective pedagogical methods and open to    innovation.

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- “Being present” and “setting a good example” the two pillars of Marcellin’s approach to education.

- Pedagogy of presence: immersion in the lives of young people, looking for opportunities and ways to be with them and encouraging their efforts.

- Dedicated to the art of teaching with an emphasis on Marist Pedagogy.

- Recognizing learning styles and helping students achieve their potential.

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- This is a central gospel value distinguishing Marist characteristic.

- A preference for simplicity of method, of expression and action.

- Transparency and genuineness in relationships.

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- Mary is the perfect model of a Marist educator.

- Openness to the action and will of God, like Mary of the Annunciation.

- Selflessness, humility, and optimism like Mary of the Visitation.

- Sharing in the motherhood of Mary by bringing Jesus to birth, even in the most unlikely of places, like Mary of Bethlehem.

- Presenting Jesus to people, telling them to do as he wishes, like Mary of Cana.

- Sitting with the suffering face of Jesus with love and faithfulness, like Mary of Calvary.

- Forming community and sowing hope, like Mary of Pentecost.

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