All students will be required to perform the required amount of hours of service per grade level each semester. Examples of acceptable service include:

  • Direct Service to the poor.
  • Service with organizations that indirectly serve the poor. (In this case, students should be prompted to consider how their work indirectly served the poor)
  • Service at or for a Church or faith community.
  • Service at City or County organizations and/or organized event.

A listing of approved and reliable service sites and the service documentation will be available through the student’s Religious Studies teacher. If students are planning to perform service at a site not listed on the given list, they should consult with their teacher for approval. In addition, students are encouraged to inform their Religious Studies teacher of any service opportunities they would like to share with their classmates.

Photograph of Cassey Barrera '16
Cassey Barrera '16
Christian Service Coordinator