Saint Joseph Academy uses Continuous Enrollment, an efficient way for our families to manage enrollment from year to year. There’s no need to re-enroll every year. Once your children enroll, they are continuously enrolled until graduation from SJA or the family follows a withdrawal procedure, (b) SJA dismisses the student from enrollment for any reason, or (c) tuition payments or other amounts payable in connection with the student’s enrollment at SJA are not timely paid.


To state the process as simply as possible:

  • Each year moving forward your child will be automatically enrolled for the following school year—no new paperwork or forms needed!

  • On February 15, the 2023-2024 Registration Fee will appear in your FACTS account and the amount will be automatically charged on March 10th

  • This non-refundable registration fee secures your child’s spot for next school year.

  • Once enrolled, students are considered part of St. Joseph Academy until they graduate, with no further annual “re-enrollment” process involved.


Should you decide that your child will not be returning to Saint Joseph Academy for the 2023-2024 school year, you must contact the principal’s office directly at 956-542-3581 Ext. 317 or email by March 3, 2023 to avoid the non-refundable registration fee being charged to your account. If withdrawn, your child’s spot is no longer guaranteed for the 2023-2024 school year.

Continuous Enrollment FAQs

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Q: Why is SJA implementing a Continuous Enrollment program?

The majority of the children who are enrolled at SJA will graduate from SJA. As a result, the question arises, why ask families to complete re- enrollment paperwork year after year? By moving to continuous enrollment, we hope to eliminate now, and in the future, the paperwork and steps required by our parents each year as part of the enrollment process. The Continuous Enrollment program will simplify the process for our families and allow the school to maximize its efficiency.

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Q: Will anything change on my FACTS account for next school year?

No. All your settings will remain the same, including your payment/billing plan (monthly, semi-annual, or annual) and charge date. Should you want to make any changes, please contact the Finance Office.

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Q: Is there a penalty if I withdraw and then change my mind and want to enroll later?

Once you withdraw, your child’s spot is no longer guaranteed for the next school year. If you change your mind and would like to return at a future time, it will be subject to SJA having space available in that grade(s). If there is space, you will need to complete the new student registration process again, which includes a new student registration fee.

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Q: I haven’t received our Tuition-Assistance Award yet. What happens if it isn’t sufficient, and I need to withdraw our child?

If you choose to withdraw your student due to an insufficient Tuition-Assistance Award, your registration fee will be refunded.

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Q: Can the Registration Fee that will be automatically charged to my account be divided into payments?

Yes! Our Finance Office will be glad to work with your family to come up with a payment plan that works for you. Please contact the Finance Office at 956-542-3581 Ext. 307 to discuss options.

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Q: How will I be notified what the tuition is going to be for next year?

Tuition rates will be communicated to the families through a letter and SJA’s website in December. Tuition rates for the following school year are determined by SJA’s Board of Directors.

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Q: Our family will not be returning to SJA next year. What steps do we need take to withdraw our student(s) and ensure we are not charged the non-refundable registration fee?

You must contact the principal’s office directly at 956-542-3581 Ext. 317 or email by March 3, 2023, to avoid being charged the non-refundable registration fee.