Saint Joseph’s Day is an all-day celebration of everything that represents Saint Joseph Academy: a Catholic Marist education, friendships, family, and service. The excitement that leads to Saint Joseph's Day kicks off with “I Love SJA” week. Hosted by the Bloodhound Ambassadors, I Love SJA Week is a week full of events for current students to show SJA the Love. SJA events culminate with Liturgy on the Feast of Saint Joseph as we reflect on the values that Jesus’ heavenly father taught us. The day progresses with fun and fellowship across campus.

Using the power of social media, alumni will be able to participate by submitting photos and video clips that display the affection that is shared by many across the city, state, and country. Everyone will have the opportunity to be part of a larger philanthropic movement to support Saint Joseph Academy when friends of SJA are encouraged to celebrate all that Saint Joseph Academy has given to them by giving a gift to the academy using peer-to-peer fundraising. Classes and individuals can set up a unique fundraising page that can be shared with others across multiple social media platforms, text messaging, and emails. The goal? $75,000 raised by midnight on March 25th. Funds raised will benefit the SJA Fund by 100%.

Be part of something bigger this year.

Make an IMPACT.

Make a GIFT.