Angelina Garza '16
"SJA is a school that allows students to grow both academically and spiritually. St Joe focuses on the individual, prepares us for the real world, and shapes us into future compassionate leaders."

1. Register for the Entrance Exam by completing the online Application Form.

  • Click the Online Application button and go to APPLY NOW (create an account).
  • You will be asked for your email address and a password (create your own).


2. Provide all necessary information asked on the online application for the sections regarding STUDENT, PARENTS, SPECIAL SERVICES, and FAMILY INFORMATION. 

  • Make sure the student applicant answers the questions at the end of the application.
  • Be especially careful with Question 2, which requires student to answer with a well-written complete paragraph.
  • Question 3 requires student to write an essay responding to the prompt.


3. UPLOAD the required documents at the end of the application process.

  • copy of most recent report card
  • copy of most recent standardized test scores (IOWA, STAR, etc.)


4. Pay Entrance Exam fee of $75.00.


5. Download, print, and deliver Records Request to Ms. Solis in the Admissions Office.

6. Download, print, and deliver one (1) Recommendation Form to your English teacher.

7. Download, print, and deliver one (1) Recommendation Form to your and Math teacher.


Entrance Exam

The Entrance Exam will be scheduled during a school day at 8:30am on a day that is convenient for the applicant.