Canales Field Do's and Don'ts


  • Purchase your tickets at prior to arrival ($8 USD)
  • Perform a Self-Analysis COVID-19 test
  • Wear a Mask (face covering) at all times on our campus/stadium
  • Park in the high school parking lot (middle division parking lot is reserved for visitors & overflow)
  • Go through Temperature Check-Stations on Karla Garza Dr.
  • Enter Stadium through Karla Garza Dr.
  • Bring see-through bag
  • Bring exact change ($1’s) for concessions 


  • Enter through South (middle division) stadium entrance
  • Bring outside food & drinks
  • Loiter in parking lot or outside stadium
  • Loiter anywhere under or around the bleachers
  • Get on the track or football field (anytime before, during, or after the game)
  • Leave children unattended
  • Battery operated noisemakers and/or air horns are prohibited
  • Live animals/mascots are prohibited

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