Broader School Objectives

Currently, Saint Joseph Academy operates on a balanced budget that provides the necessary resources for a highly competitive academic environment, retention of excellent faculty, maintaining an impressive 22-acre campus, and an integration of a comprehensive student activities program. True to our mission, Saint Joseph Academy is also committed to providing $500,000 in financial aid each year to ensure that the quality Marist, Catholic education is accessible to families in our community. The financial reality of fulfilling this mission in today’s world is staggering. We gratefully and humbly ask for your investment in Saint Joseph Academy students, as we work to mold them into saints and scholars.

The Solution

Champagnat Scholarship Program 

Saint Joseph Academy has the immediate goal of fully funding its financial aid efforts. Along with contributions from the Saint Joseph Academy Endowment and grants from foundations, the Champagnat Scholarship Program would be part of the school’s financial aid efforts. Today, close
to 25% of our student body is receiving financial aid, with the average financial aid award being $2,500.

Who is St. Marcellin Champagnat?

Saint Marcellin Champagnat was the founder of the Marist Brothers of the Schools and was a man of deep prayer. Champagnat was grounded in a loving community and was committed to making Jesus known and loved. With that, the Champagnat Scholarship Program aims to provide students in need the opportunity to be part of the Saint Joseph Academy where Champagnat’s vision and legacy are lived out each day.


Investing in the Champagnat Scholarship Program is a direct investment in a student and can be tailored to your philanthropic interests.
For example, you contribute $6,000 and want it to support a student coming from Saint Mary’s Catholic School---DONE! You want to contribute $1,000 and want it to go to the child of an SJA alumnus—DONE! Saint Joseph Academy can work with you to tailor your investment in our students any way you would like. You can also make your gift unrestricted and allow the school to award it to any student with a demonstrated need.


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Your contribution can be made in one lump sum or it can be divided into automated electronic installments, whichever is most convenient for you. The Champagnat Scholarship Program is also a great opportunity to coordinate with your family or friends to combine your gifts for maximum impact! Should you choose to invest in the Champagnat Scholarship Program, you will get updates twice per year on the student you are sponsoring, along with a quarterly  newsletter from the President with updates on the program and the progress of Saint Joseph Academy.