Congratulations on your admission to Saint Joseph Academy! It was the Administrations' sincere pleasure to review the tremendous talents, diverse backgrounds, and unique qualities of every applicant. Each Bloodhound should be proud of their selection from among such a talented group of prospective students. Welcome to the SJA family!

Here you'll find important information about things you need to do and know as a new Bloodhound.

To register for the 2020-2021 school year:

1. Click on the red button: Access to Registration Form.

2. Use your email and password to access your account.

3. Click on New Student Enrollment Form

4. Complete and submit the form (no payment needed at this point).


Once the online registration forms have been completed and the registration fee has been paid, tuition for the 2020-2021 school year begins in May. 


In order to make Registration or Tuition Payments:

Pay in person: at the finance Office during regularly scheduled hours (9am-1pm)

Pay over the phone: call (956)542-3581 ext. 307 during regularly scheduled hours (9am-1pm)

Check/Money Order: A check/money order payable to St. Joseph Academy for your family’s registration ($650) and/or tuition amount can be mailed to:

St. Joseph Academy

101 St. Joseph Dr.

Brownsville, TX 78520

Please list the name and grade of your student(s) in the memo line with the words “Tuition” or “Registration”. 


VENMO: Registration and/or tuition payments can be made through the online app, VENMO. Your family’s tuition amount can be sent to Saint Joseph Academy at the school’s username: @StJoseph-Academy Please include the word “Tuition” or “Registration” and your student(s) name and grade in the description. 

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Student Checklist

Complete everything on this checklist by the first week of school  in August.

PlusPortal: Please notify the main office if you have a new email address in order for us to update the system.


Summer Reading -click on the side button 

Books- Consumables will become available August 1st at the Follett Bookstore located at 83 Fort Brown, Brownsville, TX 78520.

SJA ID Card -Each student will be issued a student identification card at the beginning of the year. This I.D. card must always be carried by students while on campus and at school-related events. Lost or missing cards must be immediately reported to the Dean of Students and replaced at a cost of $10.00.

Learning Center (if applicable)


Locks: Locks for school issued lockers are available for purchase at the SJA Bookstore ($8). Locks on all lockers must be an SJA issued lock or the lock will be removed. Students must always keep a lock on their locker to endure safety of their personal belongings.

Parking Permit -All students driving on campus must have a valid SJA Parking Permit to park on campus. Permits are available for purchase for $50 from the Receptionist in the main office. You will need to provide the make, model, year, tag number, car color and proof of auto insurance.


Register for New Bloodhound Orientation

Athletic Forms

Uniforms -Only pre-approved Lands’ End uniforms can be worn. There are different styles available and different ways to shop.

Online: Click on Uniforms and create or sign-in to your account. Include your student and school information in My Account (or find your School using the Preferred School Number Search: 900139510). Start shopping with your personalized product checklist.

Phone: Call 1-800-469-2222 and reference your student’s Preferred School Number 900139510, grade level and gender. Our team of consultants are available 24/7 for assistance.


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New Bloodhound Orientation

Get a chance to meet your teachers, see your classrooms, and take a tour of our stunning campus. Meet other students as you learn about school procedures and uniform regulation, school clubs, and sports organizations.

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Back to School Kick-Off

First day back to school can be a struggle when you've been away all summer... Saint Joseph Academy has a Back to School Kick-Off to get the ball going smoothly for the upcoming school year. We begin in Homeroom where students have the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with each other after not having seen each other all summer. For our new students, it's a good time to get adjusted to a new setting and to get to know new peers. Students follow their new schedules, meet their new teachers, review school policy and become familiar with any new changes, and we end the day with a spirit-filled assembly -ready to kick-off the new school year! 

Follow us on Instagram @sjaadmissions and stay tuned for updates!

"My feelings of the first day of middle school were probably no different than the average seventh grader. Fear of the unknown. Not knowing what to expect or understanding fully how this would be different than elementary caused a little trepidation on the first day of school. Much to my surprise, it was an easy transition and a year filled with great memories."