"Being a student at St. Joseph Academy is about being a part of the Bloodhound community. School never feels like a solo journey here."

- Gabriela Ortiz '23

Academics at Saint Joseph Academy

As a college preparatory school, we teach what is in the textbooks but we also believe in nurturing a love of learning. We ask thought-provoking questions. We encourage curiosity and self-reflection. Our rigorous approach feeds into the whole child: mind, heart, and soul. This has allowed our graduates to further their education with unmatched confidence that yields success in their post-secondary education and chosen professions as well as in the Brownsville community and beyond.

The Middle Division Experience

The 7th and 8th-grade years bring moments of excitement to parents and students alike. Not only do students begin to make independent decisions, but often they are preparing themselves to take on more challenging courses. The administration and faculty at Saint Joseph Academy are prepared to help your child succeed by offering courses that will allow them to earn up to four high school credits by successfully completing Algebra I, Environmental Systems 8, Speech Communication, Beginning Spanish, and Health.

The Upper Division Experience

Students are more mature and aware of what is expected of them as they commence their high school experience. Armed with the confidence that they will finish school with a Distinguished Academic recognition, students will have the option to enroll in Honors and Advanced Placement courses as early as their freshman year. In addition to these courses, sophomores, juniors and seniors have the option of enrolling in our Dual Enrollment partnerships with Texas Southmost College and The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, allowing them to earn up to 35 college hours (not including Advanced Placement courses).

Academic Preparation, Individualized Support

Our trained counselors begin working with our students as soon as they become Bloodhounds. The personalized attention given to our students means that they will be matched with universities that best fit their personalities, strengths, and talents. Our approach is unique and allows us to assist each family to make a plan for applying to college. By their senior year, counselors help each student individually in every step of the college application process - researching institutions, filling out applications, editing essays, polishing resumés, and dealing with questions related to financial aid. 

The educational experiences offered to students at Saint Joseph Academy are also a reflection of the principles in our mission statement.

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To succeed in university studies

Our faculty prepares students at Saint Joseph Academy for university studies and for a lifetime of learning. We offer classes that will meet them at their level and help them to grow in their aptitude for scholastic achievement. Our curriculum has undergone extensive renovation under the direction of a nationally recognized authority in the field of curriculum and instruction and is designed to foster the critical thinking, research, and writing skills students will need for success at the university level.

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To know and love Jesus

Our curriculum is centered around Roman Catholicism and focuses on a comprehensive understanding of the Catholic faith and gaining fuller access to the rich Catholic treasury of resources for developing a meaningful life of faith.

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To actively participate in the worship and mission of the Church

Through regular worship as a school community, opportunities for prayer and reflection, the Marist Youth Movement, retreat experiences, and a variety of service projects, the seeds of faith, love, and responsibility to the least favored have the opportunity to take root in the lives of students. Following the model of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, Saint Joseph Academy strives to build a genuinely Christian community in which students are offered love, acceptance, discipline, and challenge.

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