"At the core of our being we desire to love and be loved. We long for belonging, solidarity, the chance to share our lives and the opportunity to change our circumstances."

Water from the Rock

Welcome current Bloodhound parents! We are extremely happy that you made a decision on behalf of your children to give them the best education that is offered in the lower Rio Grande Valley. We believe that by making this decision, you are committed to being part of the team that endeavors to form students into global thinking, well-educated, faithful young adults.

As part of this team, we believe in keeping lines of communication open to better serve our families. This is the page that you will go to when you need to find important information regarding your student(s). In addition to this page, we also disseminate important information via other platforms facilitated by Saint Joseph Academy such as:

  • Text messages via AdminPlus Notify
  • SJA Bloodhound Families (a closed group for current families only; requires administrator approval)
  • E-mail blasts from info@sja.us via Constant Contact

Stay Connected with SJA on Social Media!

Parents are invited to connect with us by following us on Facebook and Instagram accounts!.

Helpful Links

Click the link below to acess the  2020-2021 Re-enrollment Forms and Student & Parent Handbook Contract Form

To re-enroll for the 2020-2021 school year:

1. Click on the red button found above: Bloodhound Account.

2. Use your email and password to access your account.

3. Click on Student Enrollment Form

4. Complete and submit the form (no payment needed at this point).