Saint Joseph Academy seeks to create a holistic educational approach, drawing on the Christian vision of the human person and human development.

As a Marist educator, you will help students seek creative ways to become faith-filled disciples, empowered witnesses, agents of peace and justice, servant leaders and spirit-filled members of a Marist family.

The Mark of a Marist Educator is that he/she embodies all that it means to be a Marist.

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We embody faith.

Our faith and personal relationship with Jesus is made apparent through our interactions with each other, with our students, and with their parents.

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Inside and outside the classroom, we live simply, morally, and with integrity.

We respect all of our students, all of our colleagues, and all of our community. We are aware of the presence of Christ in our students and we foster that goodness and love. We live the example of Mary.

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We exhibit justice and service.

We donate our time and talents to best serve our community. We display solidarity with all who suffer, with all who feel lonely or excluded, and with all who need a role model.

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We lead through service.

We offer our experiences and vulnerabilities when we lead a retreat, a Kairos, or a prayer. We give our words of love and encouragement to our colleagues and students in the form of letters, words and smiles.

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Our Marist family spirit and sense of community are made apparent through our attendance of games, matches, and events.

No success is celebrated by an individual alone, but rather shared at a level of community unmatched by any institution.

No failure or loss is mourned alone but rather grieved in the nurturing strength of our whole family. 

Openings as of May 5, 2021

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Melissa Valadez, Principal

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Michael Motyl, President